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Are you a "Worldwide Marketer" yet? No. Why Not?

You are just moments away from a Traffic Exchange that offers you all the power and benefits that you have been looking for. Developed by surfers for surfers, this script combines all the features you need into one simple to use system.

It is free to join, so what are you waiting for?

The World is waiting to see what you have to offer.

We Offer Many Ways to Earn Cash and Credits

  • Manual Surf Only (Ensuring Visitors SEE Your Sites)
  • Signup Bonus (Surf 100 Sites to Collect)
  • Enjoy Dynamic Surf Ratio Increases
  • Refer New Members
  • Earn Referral Credits
  • Earn Residual Income from Referral Purchases
  • View PTC/PTR Ads
  • Random Bonus and Prize Pages
  • Play Jackpot Slots and Other Fun Games
  • NOTICE: Bonus/Prize Pages, Contests/Giveaways, and Games may be hosted off-site via APITS Hosting, APITS Headquarters or for the Worldwide Marketing Exchange (WWME)

Supercharge Your TE Experience

  • Ad Tracking is a MUST! Click on the banner to get started.

  • Maximize Your Advertising Efforts.
  • Advertise all of your websites and banners with one link.

  • No Banner? No Problem.

  • Need a Website?
  • is easy to setup and truly limitless.

  • Need More Advertising? Join Our Sister Site.

  • Do you have physical products or services to sell?
  • Join Our Sister Auction Website.
  • Getting started is so easy...

    • Signup for FREE as a Beginner Level Marketer today. (Please read our Terms first).
    • Activate your account once you receive your Welcome E-Mail. NOTE: If your e-mail address bounces you will not get the activation link and you will not be allowed access to the site. We highly recommend that you use a free G-Mail account.
    • Add your websites to the server. (Admin will check them before they are approved).
    • Surf to Earn Cash and Credits.
    • Credits earned while surfing will be automatically assigned to your sites.
    • Purchase Credits, Banners, Featured Ads, Text Ads, and Surfbar Ads as you need them. Our GRAND OPENING SPECIAL makes it easy to stock up with 1,000 Credits for only $1.
    • Upgrade your account to enjoy even more benefits. We have three upgrade levels to choose from. You can become an Intermediate Level Marketer, a Professional Level Marketer, or an Executive Level Marketer. And, if you upgrade NOW, you can take advantage of our Promo Upgrade Packages. These will only be available thru Easter (Sunday, April 4, 2021).

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    THE HUNT IS ON! Find the Golden Easter Egg while surfing to earn Cash and Prizes.

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